It is not surprising that so many diseases are connected to old age, but Parkinson’s can be one of the most unbearable. This health issue is problematic because it concerns the nervous system and/or brain. The disease can suddenly happen in a person without any signs or warning. Parkinson’s disease progresses gradually, and each stage worsens as symptoms appear.

Parkinson’s disease is characterized by a disorder affecting both mental acuteness and mobility. A chiropractor for Parkinson’s pain can help provide relief for the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

What Is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson's Disease.

Parkinson’s disease is when nerve cells inside the brain cannot produce dopamine. It is a slow-acting disease occurring progressively in different stages, and it affects both muscle and brain functions. Simply put, Parkinson’s is a brain disorder that is directly linked to the nervous system that can lead to tremors or shaking.

Dopamine is a crucial neurotransmitter that is associated with attention, learning and movement as well as the brain’s pleasure and rewarding system. This means that the chemicals in dopamine guide the brain to take part in important roles, both physically and mentally. When this chemical breaks down in a person, he or she is bound to suffer from Parkinson’s disease and face difficulties with proper mobility. The most outstanding sign of Parkinson’s disease is shaking or tremors, where the sufferer trembles in diverse areas of the body, especially when there is no motion. Other signs may include balance issues, rigid muscles and slow movements.

In very extreme cases, Parkinson’s disease can cause damage to the mental function of an individual due to a complete deficiency of dopamine chemicals, and this can lead to confusion or dementia. It can also cause poor control of the bladder and an inability to swallow. The disease can affect both men and women, but men are more likely to suffer it.

According to a few studies, certain evidence has been established that chiropractic therapy can help improve the lives of those suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

How Chiropractic Care Impacts Parkinson’s Disease

1. It Improves Nervous System Functions

Chiropractic Care for Parkinson's Disease.

Dopamine is a very crucial chemical when it comes to brain functionality. When the chemical transmitting neurological functions are inadequate, it means the person suffering from Parkinson’s disease has problems producing nerve cells required in the body and brain to carry out these brain functions effortlessly. The improper alignment of the nervous system can lead to a distortion that is liable to interrupt important exchange of information within the body.

A chiropractic physician uses gentle adjustment methods, such as spinal adjustments or manipulation, to get rid of the misaligned nerves in the body. After the chiropractor has administered consistent adjustments to bring a person ultimate relief, nerve cells will begin to function at the best healthy standard. This will also allow dopamine chemicals to be produced optimally and in an adequate amount, thereby providing improvement to Parkinson’s symptoms.

2. It Improves Muscle Control Systems

A person with symptoms of Parkinson’s disease can have severe muscle rigidity and poor movement issues such that moving, falling and slipping can become “issues.” Stiff muscles are a result of poor alignment of the spine, and this can contribute greatly to problems faced by patients with Parkinson’s disease. When vertebrae are rigid or poorly aligned, there will be a pull in the muscle, leading to tightness, pain and tension.

With chiropractic care, experts will pay attention to providing the best healthy restoration technique to help you build back an appropriate alignment and let loose all stiffness in the muscles so that your body can operate better. After chiropractic therapy, an individual with Parkinson’s can begin to gain back muscle control, improve their mobility and avoid bad falls.

3. Improves Quality Of Life

Chiropractic therapy can be the best treatment solution for the slowing down of Parkinson’s disease. When the process of this disease is restricted from making progress, the quality of life automatically begins to improve. This normally brings a huge relief, not only to the patient but the caretaker and family members of the individual, since the sufferer of this disease will no longer feel like a burden to them.

Since spinal health is associated greatly with the maintenance of a person’s general health, many will opt for oral medications, which can be very helpful in controlling the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. But, the medication can only bring temporary relief of symptoms, while it may also lead to some other harmful effects that may be unrealized. However, chiropractic care provides a better option by aiming at the cause of Parkinson’s disease from the root. With this, the functions of the nervous system can increase, restricting the symptoms of Parkinson’s from progressing. As a result, the general functions and health and life quality of an individual with Parkinson’s disease will be greatly increased with chiropractic adjustments.


While it is true that Parkinson’s disease is age-related, it can be a complex disease for anyone suffering from it. Living with such an incredible and difficult disease will not only create pain but also a lot of discomfort. Parkinson’s disease compromises quality of life. Fortunately, for many patients, chiropractic therapy can reduce symptoms and improve their livelihood. You can contact a chiropractic center near you if you or an older member of your family is suffering from Parkinson’s. In Florida, call Champion Wellness Centers of Valrico at 813-409-3304 and schedule an appointment.