Office Team



Dr. Kyle Mullan

From as far back as he can remember Dr. Mullan was always extremely active. He participated in football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, swimming, golf, and even racquetball. Born and raised in the Clearwater area, Dr. Mullan loves being on the water either fishing or relaxing on the boat. Having an active and health conscious lifestyle, he knew the healthcare profession was his calling. He started his undergraduate education with the intent of going into the medical field. Dr. Mullan strongly agrees with a non-invasive approach to healthcare, and chiropractic care fit well with those beliefs. He never understood why so many patients jump right to intensive surgery before even attempting conservative care. The idea that dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system can affect general health via the nervous system just made sense to him.


Dr. Mullan went to high school here in the Tampa Bay area at Clearwater Central Catholic High School. After graduating with Honors, he decided to move to Gainesville to attend the University of Florida. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree with a major in Biology and minor in Business at UF, he moved to Port Orange, FL to study at the oldest and first chiropractic college, Palmer College of Chiropractic. During his time at Palmer, the majority of courses included in-depth information on the nervous and skeletal systems, chiropractic techniques, and patient care. Dr. Mullan took a very high interest in Spinal Neurology so he decided to become the tutor for 2 years while attending. During Dr. Mullan’s last semester at Palmer he left school for the opportunity to intern at a chiropractic clinic that allowed him to build upon academic knowledge and clinical experience.

Outside the Office

On his days off, Dr. Mullan loves to be outside, especially with activities involving the water or his dog, Riley. He enjoys taking her to the dog park a least once per day. Growing up in a family who prides themselves on athletics, he always wanted to be outside with his friends playing football in the street, basketball in the driveway, or simply throwing a ball against a wall. Dr. Mullan intends on continuing his education and become the chiropractor for a professional sports team. When he has time off, he loves supporting his Tampa Bay teams by going to Rays, Lightning, and Bucs games as often as possible.

Dr. Chris Barker

Dr. Barker grew up in Long Island New York. He graduated with a pre-med degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University. He then finished his Doctor of Chiropractic at Palmer Florida which has equipped and empowered him to help patients get well. A leader now in chiropractic care, Dr. Barker is continually training on the most cutting-edge information in order to deliver the best possible care to patients. He is certified in spinal correction, which he helps teach to other Doctors throughout the country. His passion is people and seeing them reach their God given potential.

As an owner and partner of Champion Wellness centers, Dr. Barker works to increase awareness of the benefits of chiropractic care to our communities.

Dr. Kevin Huffman DO

Dr. Huffman; medical director at Champion Wellness is an osteopathic physician, board-certified in family medicine with over 30 years of experience helping patients regain their health and wellness.

Working alongside of our chiropractic physicians, medical and chiropractic assistants, and therapy staff, Dr. Huffman is a part of a comprehensive and integrative team here at Champion Wellness offering ‘high tech and high touch’ patient care.

Providing patients one-stop comprehensive chiro-med care is what drew Dr. Huffman to the Champion Wellness family. “Champion Wellness gave me the opportunity to practice medicine in a holistic and wellness setting. Providing patients, the healthcare environment they need and want.”

Dr. Huffman also bring to our Champion Wellness patients 24/7 medical access via our telemedicine portal. Through a simple click on a text message to our patient’s cell phone, they can access Dr. Huffman when and where they need him.

Watch the video of what Dr. Huffman will be adding to the practice for your care!

Dr. Carl Conforti

Dr. Carl Conforti has been practicing as a licensed Chiropractor since May 1999, helping to free people from pain in his Pinellas Chiropractic Clinic, where he practices with Dr. Michael Turner. His primary goal as an experienced Chiropractor is to promote the health and well being of his patients.

Dr. Conforti believes in using a “whole person approach” to care for his patients. By combining the very best state of the art physiotherapy procedures, hands-on-technique, and providing the newest and best natural dietary supplements on the market today, Dr. Conforti focuses on helping you to accelerate and/or maintain your journey to good health.

Dr. Conforti also has partnerships in clinics in Trinity, Clearwater, South Tampa, Carrolwood, Wesley Chapel, Valrico, and Seminole Heights.

His colleagues work continuously with Dr. Conforti to provide the best in spinal care, and overall health and wellness.

  • University of Florida
  • Life University
  • Florida Chiropractic Society
  • Florida Chiropractic Association
  • Certified in Cox Flexion/Distraction technique

Dr. Mike Risoldi

When I was just 16, I witnessed how effective chiropractic care could be in changing someone’s life. All my life, I had watched my mother suffer with debilitating migraine headaches. She would spend days resting in her dark bedroom, unable to move due to the severe pain she experienced. My mom tried a number of different types of doctors and every medication possible but nothing helped. Finally, it was a chiropractor who turned her life around.

When my mother started receiving regular chiropractic care, not only did her headaches subside, but her ulcerative colitis also began to heal. After I saw these positive transformations in my mom, I knew that I wanted to be a chiropractor. I wanted to help others find their way to a healthier and pain-free life.

Background and Education

I grew up in Trenton, New Jersey and completed my undergraduate studies at Montclair State University. In 1996, I graduated from Life University School of Chiropractic in Marietta, Georgia. After graduation, I moved to Florida. I have been practicing here in Clearwater since 1998.

My Approach to Healing

My main goal is to empower my patients to maximize their life’s potential. While some chiropractors may choose to focus on neck and back pain, I offer my patients a well-rounded, holistic approach to healthcare. I work closely with my patients to offer continuing education in the areas of exercise, nutrition, supplements and maintaining a healthy mindset. With personalized, gentle adjustments, I can get you on the path to healing from a number of health concerns.

“The power of the human body and its ability to heal never ceases to amaze me. Every day, we witness small miracles in the lives of our patients. These changes fuel my passion for helping others.” – Dr. Mike Risoldi

Corinne Ermacor

I grew up in a small city in upstate New York with a chiropractor as a father. From an early age, chiropractic was a part of my daily life. Aside from building great relationships with patients and understanding the daily routine of a chiropractic office, I grew to understand the importance of chiropractic care. Lives were improved each day and experiencing this firsthand showed me that helping others was something I aspired to be a part of.

I attended Saint Leo University, where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Being a part of the Champion Wellness Centers team is nothing but a pleasure. To witness each patient overcome their pain and illness is the greatest experience. I am grateful to work with phenomenal doctors who are truly passionate about the overall health and wellness of others.

Outside of the office, I enjoy reading, shopping, spending time with my family and friends, and working out. Most importantly, I love to go on adventures with my dog, Akela!