The ability to think clearly and quietly helps us to make decisions, process emotions and go about our daily lives. A severe headache might quickly obliterate such lucidity. Many individuals get occasional headaches, but regular headaches that interfere with your ability to sleep or daily function can be incapacitating. Pain from headaches is a common occurrence in many people’s lives. 

Headaches can take different forms. It can be a mild headache to throbbing pain. It can involve nausea, vomiting, etc. The sort of headache you get may usually be determined by the location of the pain and the intensity of it. If you suffer from excruciating headaches, you understand how disruptive they can be to your daily life. Headaches, whether moderate, dull discomfort, acute throbbing or agonizing tension headaches over the scalp and neck, can interfere with feeling like yourself. 

Tension headaches are the most prevalent type and cause discomfort across the head, scalp and neck. Chiropractic care is effective in treating all types of headaches. Headaches call for professional chiropractic help. 

How Will Chiropractors Help You With Chronic Headaches? Chiropractic Care for headaches

A chiropractor can perform a series of spinal adjustments to affect how nerves transmit impulses throughout the brain and body. 

In order to cure and prevent migraines, spinal manipulation will improve blood flow via the central nervous system. Studies have suggested that chiropractic adjustments to the spine may be able to aid in the treatment of migraines. According to current research, chiropractic care or manual therapy appears to help treat cervicogenic and tension headaches as well.

Chiropractic care can include soft tissue therapy, ultrasound, lifestyle modifications, etc. 

What Headache Types Can Chiropractors Resolve?

Tension Headaches 

Tension Headaches

Chiropractic therapy is quite successful in relieving tension headaches– the most frequent form of headache! This type of headache can cause a dull, throbbing discomfort. You can feel tightness or pressure throughout your forehead and back of your head. Tenderness in the skull, neck and shoulder muscles is also possible. Tension headaches can be so painful that they are hard to differentiate from migraines. 

It is uncommon to suffer migraine-like vision abnormalities, nausea or vomiting with tension headaches. However, like migraines, tension headaches can cause heightened sensitivity to light or sound. Stress and back or neck strain are common causes of tension headaches. That is why chiropractic therapy helps relieve these headaches.

Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches are painful. They are a surprisingly prevalent cause of impairment. Studies demonstrate that chiropractic therapy can reduce muscular tension and decrease postural pressure on soft tissues, which can help relieve migraine symptoms. 

Researchers believe spinal manipulations activate descending pain inhibitory circuits, which are crucial for pain regulation. 

Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches are an uncommon yet debilitating type of non-life threatening headache. These headaches come in cycles that last weeks to months. Because of the tremendous suffering they induce, they are known as “suicide headaches.”

Cluster headaches occur when the trigeminal nerve is pinched, crushed or inappropriately displaced due to a spinal misalignment. This is why chiropractic therapy is so effective in treating cluster headaches.

Cluster headaches can occur as frequently as every day and continue for a few minutes to a few hours during the cluster headache cycle. After experiencing a round of cluster headaches, the individual will experience remission. There will be no headaches throughout this phase of remission.


Effective chiropractic therapy substitutes low-velocity, low-amplitude manipulations with high-velocity adjustments. This is done with a light touch and focuses on a specific location. At Champion Wellness Centers of Valrico, you will get high-quality chiropractic treatment for headache relief. Schedule an appointment by calling Champion Wellness Centers of Valrico, Florida, at 813-409-3304.