Do you take painkillers to treat your shoulder aches? Stop. Seek assistance from a chiropractor instead of popping pills. You can determine the source of your discomfort and receive appropriate chiropractic therapy. Although taking medications might provide temporary pain relief, painkillers do not treat the underlying source of the pain. You will continue to suffer discomfort after the medicine has worn off!

Chiropractic care essentially involves manipulating your musculoskeletal system to treat your shoulder discomfort.

How Can Chiropractors Help With Shoulder Pain?

#1 Diagnosing Shoulder Pain

Finding the source of shoulder discomfort can be a crucial first step toward treatment and recovery. A chiropractor may perform orthopedic tests as part of a diagnostic examination to examine your muscle-related symptoms and your neck and shoulder range of motion. Your primary care physician or a chiropractor may occasionally advise imaging tests, such as a CT scan or MRI, before receiving treatments.

#2 Applying Chiropractic Shoulder Adjustment

Out-of-place shoulders can cause inflammation, soreness and muscular spasms, among other problems. When this occurs, you can have your shoulder gently adjusted by a chiropractor to get it back in place. The procedure employs tools like a drop table piece, speeder board, or reflex-type hammer for manual shoulder adjustments. A neck and upper back adjustment may also lessen shoulder discomfort.

#3 Offering Posture Treatment To The Shoulder

Posture Treatment for Shoulder

Postural syndrome is a disorder caused by poor posture from sitting down for extended periods of time when working or relaxing. This frequent issue occurs when your upper back slumps and your shoulders slide down and forward toward your chest. Your head leans forward and centers over your chest at this time. Chiropractic therapy can aid in reducing the consequences of postural syndrome and instruct you on how to keep your shoulders back, down and relaxed while standing or sitting upright.

What Treatment Will Chiropractors Use For Treating Shoulders?

Chiropractors adjust and align spines. They concentrate on the optimal alignment of your clavicle, shoulder and scapula as well, to reduce discomfort and increase the range of motion in your shoulders.

A chiropractor might give a person the myofascial treatment to release the fascia that covers muscles and relaxes tense muscles.

The Graston Technique is a tool used to remove adhesions and scar tissue in order to increase the range of motion.

Ultrasound therapy speeds up the healing process for tears, sprains and strains by boosting blood flow and reducing inflammation.

Electronic stimulation is applicable for muscular rehabilitation and pain reduction.

Chiropractors can employ one or more types of therapy, and within one to eight sessions, many patients see a significant improvement.

What Are The Various Health Advantages Offered By Chiropractic Treatment?

  • Reduction in inflammation
  • Reduction in pain
  • Enhanced range of motion and flexibility
  • Improvement in muscle strength

These advantages are crucial for instant comfort and to avoid long-term damage to your shoulders and surrounding body parts. For instance, increased flexibility, range of motion and muscular strength can reduce your risk of sprains, fractures and falls. The knowledge you’ll acquire from the procedures can also act as preventative medicine, enabling you to sustain better posture and other advantages over time.


You have probably thought about seeing a chiropractor if you’ve had back, shoulder and neck discomfort that’s been bothering you for a long time due to an injury or arthritis.

In order to alleviate pain and increase mobility, chiropractors modify and manipulate the spinal cord. However, the advantages extend beyond the back, neck and shoulders. Other bodily areas may experience positive impacts as well.

Chiropractic treatment aims to improve the connection between the spine and nervous system, and if done correctly, it may also have a favorable impact on other bodily organs. If your shoulders have been hurting, schedule an appointment by calling Champion Wellness Centers of Valrico, Florida, at 813-409-3304.