Chiropractic adjustments are hands-on therapies that are used by chiropractors to treat muscle and joint pain and to improve range of motion. A chiropractor can use different adjustment methods depending on your condition, and the treatments are often effective with no side effects. Treatments help your body to heal on its own.

Here are seven types of chiropractic adjustments and the problems they treat…

#1 Soft Tissue Adjustments

Soft Tissue Adjustments

Soft tissue therapy is a complex massage therapy that focuses directly on soft tissues of the body including joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons and connective tissues. This therapy can help you to free held-back toxins and enable proper blood flow. It can be used to reduce stress-related discomforts, muscle overuse and severe pain in joint areas.

If you are a person that performs tedious daily tasks or spends hours in strenuous activities like sports, you can benefit from this chiropractic adjustment treatment since it focuses on bringing relief from tension and increasing muscle movements and flexibility. Soft tissue therapy can even correct some imbalances in your muscles and minimize injury risk.

#2 Thompson Adjustment Treatments

Thompson’s techniques for chiropractic adjustments involve a full-spine plan which can also be referred to as the table-drop technique. It is a specialized treatment method that uses segmented treatment tables to provide high velocity, low-amplitude and low-force adjustments. In this treatment, the table drops gently while the chiropractor applies force on the muscle(s) during adjustments.

This chiropractic technique normally results in slightly forceful spinal manipulations while helping with stability maintenance. Patients experience a warm flow of sensation to various sections of their body. This treatment technique can be applied to restore nerve functions, reduce stress, improve sleep, relieve general body pain and increase overall body function(s).

#3 Gonstead Adjustment Treatments

Gonstead Adjustment Treatments

Many chiropractors commonly use this type of treatment method to treat patients with muscle problems. University students in the health field are normally taught this technique during their learning period. It is a hands-on treatment technique used in fixing and diagnosing specialized joint issues. The main target is to address only specific problem areas.

During this technique, the spinal area of the body is carefully analyzed and it is thoroughly realigned to ensure precise and painless adjustments. Doing it right reduces inflammation and pain which is why it is mostly recommended for patients with spine-related problems. The chiropractor fixes the problem without endangering the patient, and there is a tendency for quick recovery that lasts for a long time. This treatment adjustment technique can treat issues such as back pain, nervous system problems and spinal subluxation. It also helps in restoring and maintaining health.

#4 Logan Basic Treatment Adjustments

This type of chiropractic adjustment is called basic treatment because it deals with applying forceful pressure on a targeted spot on sacral bones. The chiropractor normally concentrates on thrusting at the spinal base while rubbing the muscles in the back from time to time to release muscle tension. The forceful adjustment can treat pelvis and back muscles and also bring the spinal bones into alignment.

This chiropractic care technique can help in balancing the spinal muscles. It can also relieve migraines and headaches, reduce tension in muscles and ease stress. Note: it is a technique that can be applied to little children.

#5 Diversified Adjustment Treatments

Diversified chiropractic adjustment is a commonly used technique by chiropractors. It can also be called the direct thrust technique since the chiropractor uses hands to apply forceful and rapid thrusts to various sections of the spine. The pressure mounted by hand helps reduce tight muscle tensions, allows blood circulation, aligns the spine and restores body functions.

During the adjustment, there is a cracking sound that is normally produced. It is often caused by the release of escaped gas as a result of pushed back joints to allow motion range. Chiropractors use this technique on patients suffering lumbar disc herniation, an ailment that causes back and neck pain, misaligned joints or bones, whiplash and headaches. The treatment can provide instant pain relief.

#6 Activator Adjustment Treatments

This is a chiropractic adjustment treatment that utilizes hand-held mechanical tools which are commonly known as activator adjusting devices. A chiropractor can use this mechanical instrument to bring out a slow impulsive pressure on the spinal column by restoring movements to problematic areas in the joint and spinal vertebra. This is an effective treatment because the activator tool that is used can work rapidly before muscle tension occurs to oppose treatment. Chiropractors can use this adjustment technique to treat several conditions such as chronic neck pain, long-term lower back pain, headaches and migraines and other chronic pains. It is a good treatment option for elderly people.

#7 Flexion-Distraction Adjustment Treatments

This type of adjustment therapy is a safe, gentle and low-force chiropractic care process that is targeted to reduce pressure directly away from the spinal nerves that have suffered dysfunction and injury. This treatment procedure is carried out on segmented tables that move while a chiropractor gently massages the spinal column. The movement helps in stretching and relieving the spine.

Flexion-distraction is a chiropractic adjustment that revolves around disc herniation and disc bulges. It is also a procedure that increases vertebra motion within the disc and spinal joints. Chiropractors can use this technique to treat different conditions of the lower back spine such as chronic back pain, lumbar strains and sprains, sciatica symptoms, scoliosis and injuries in the lumbar disc(s). It is also used to target pain in the legs and neck.


Chiropractic adjustment treatments include flexion-distraction, activator adjustment, soft tissue adjustments, Thompson techniques, Gonstead, Logan and diversified adjustment techniques. Your chiropractor can use any of these treatments to provide long-lasting relief to your joint and muscle conditions. Need quality chiropractic care? Call Champion Wellness Centers of Valrico, Florida, at 813-409-3304 and schedule an appointment.