Many people who experience neck or back pain consider visiting a chiropractor.

Professional healthcare experts consider chiropractic therapy as the best alternative to prescribed medicines.

Chiropractors treat painful problems that affect the muscles and bones. They perform chiropractic adjustments on patients.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

What is a chiropractic adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment refers to the hands-on procedure performed by a professional and experienced chiropractor.

Your chiropractor will apply pressure to different joints in your body to realign your spine and alleviate pain and suffering.

Chiropractic adjustments are a complementary form of treatment. You might experience soreness following chiropractic treatment or therapy.

Who are chiropractors and what do they do?

Who are chiropractors

Chiropractors are healthcare professionals and receive educational training from reputed schools. Chiropractors are known to treat different disorders that impact the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

A chiropractor treats any type of pain or dysfunction in the muscles, bones or joints. Furthermore, chiropractors can treat musculoskeletal issues in any part of the body, including the knees, ankles, shoulders, hips, pelvis, elbows and wrists.

Chiropractors treat aches, pains, creaks and strains. If you have a problem that involves your musculoskeletal system, a chiropractor can offer alternative methods of treatment that don’t involve prescribing medicine.

The following treatments may be provided by a chiropractor…

Chiropractic adjustments: Gently realigning joints with adjustments can reduce pain and increase the range of motion.

Soft-tissue therapy: This is for releasing tension in the connective tissue that surrounds each muscle, relaxing stiff muscles and reducing spasms.

Stretching and exercise: This is to help maintain and restore joint mobility and stability.

Joint bracing or taping (Kinesio taping): This is done to support injured muscles or joints throughout their healing process.

What are some benefits of chiropractic care?

Regular chiropractic visits will give you several benefits… Chiropractic care will help to straighten your spine’s curvature and tilting as well as improve your posture. You also gain balance with chiropractic care. Your body will connect with your brain and start to relax once you start to feel less tense. In many cases, tension, pain and body aches make it difficult to fall asleep. Regular chiropractic adjustments, however, will help enhance the quality of your sleep. You will also notice an improvement in your joint motion and coordination.

Other benefits of chiropractic care include ensuring that your neurological system is operating correctly, so your immune system will begin to function correctly and you will recover more quickly from sickness or injuries. Also, your physical performance and function will be enhanced.

Why choose Champion Wellness Centers of Valrico for chiropractic treatment?

When you want accessibility and affordability, along with the best chiropractic treatment, come to Champion Wellness! There are several pricing alternatives available. There are options for everyone, including single visits, packages and wellness plans.

A consultation and examination will be performed on you before any adjustments to ascertain whether or not you would benefit from seeing a chiropractor. This is essential since everyone has unique needs, and at Champion Wellness/Valrico, we aim to give you a customized experience.

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