Dr. Jennifer Schueler

From as far back as she can remember Dr. Schueler was always extremely active. She participated in diving, swimming, gymnastics, and soccer. She also grew up on a horse ranch and enjoyed riding horses as well as riding dirt bikes. Having an active and health conscious lifestyle, she knew the healthcare profession was her calling. She started her undergraduate education with the intent of going into the medical field. Dr. Schueler strongly agrees with a non-invasive approach to healthcare, and chiropractic care fit well with those beliefs. The idea that dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system can affect general health via the nervous system just made sense to her.

Chiropractic Education

Dr. Schueler began her pre-chiropractic education at University of Wisconsin-Platteville. She received her bachelor’s degree in Biology with a physiology/ bio-health emphasis. After completing her study at UW-Platteville, she moved on to study at the oldest and first chiropractic college, Palmer College of Chiropractic in the Quad Cities of Iowa. During her time at Palmer, the majority of courses included in-depth information on the nervous and skeletal systems, chiropractic techniques, and patient care. During Dr. Schueler’s last trimester at Palmer she left school for the opportunity to intern at a chiropractic clinic which allowed her to build upon academic knowledge and clinical experience. After graduating Palmer in February of 2016 she practiced for 3 years in Wisconsin before re-locating to Florida.

Outside the Office

On her days off, Dr. Schueler loves to be outside, especially with activities involving the water or her dog, Ruger. She has a strong passion for animals. Growing up on a horse ranch allowed her to participate in rodeos and fun shows her entire childhood. Dr. Schueler hopes to one day continue her education and become certified as an animal chiropractor. During the summer you will most likely find her fishing, camping, swimming, paddle boarding, or anything outside, and in the winter she enjoys snowboarding in her free time.