A lot of people suffer from back pain, and since the pandemic and the surge in work from home started, an increasing number of people are walking into medical centers complaining of back pain of various degrees. Many of them have had this pain for months or even years.

With the help of chiropractic care options, reducing or eliminating pain-related problems can be made easy. Spinal subluxation happening in the vertebral column can be fixed with this therapy.

Your health is only in a good state when your nervous system is working as it should. If you are feeling pain in your spinal cord, it means you have an unhealthy spinal column that must be fixed.

Once in a while, your vertebrae column may move away from its actual position, mounting too much pressure on the nervous system. This misalignment is called a subluxation and can be fixed through chiropractic care.

What Is Spine Subluxation All About?

 Spine Subluxation

Many individuals encounter chronic pain in the neck region and lower back. If it happens consistently, it could be due to spine subluxation. The word “subluxation” refers to an incomplete misalignment or dislocation.

When your spine has shifted from its actual position, it will automatically stop functioning as it should. This malfunction causes tingling, chronic pain, numbness and burning sensations near the lower back.

You may be suffering from a subluxation issue if you have a hard time flexing (moving) your back or neck, your muscles become stiff, and/or you have tension headaches. 

Chiropractic Manipulations For The Treatment of Spine Subluxation 

Chiropractic care is one of the best ways subluxation and other related pain in the spine can be managed or completely cured. Chiropractic manipulation is often carried out by professional chiropractors who first examine your condition to know the symptoms you have faced.

There are many methods of chiropractic adjustments that can be applied to tackle a subluxation in the spine. All the different techniques are aimed at providing a solution to all your spinal problems. 

Some of these chiropractic techniques include

Toggle Drop

This adjustment technique is very effective for shifting the vertebrae back into their position and normalizing the spinal column. During this treatment, a chiropractor handles the spine, placing his or her hand on the affected area and applying pressure in a crossed-hand style.

After a series of gentle massages, the body of the patient will begin to develop a quick response to the therapy. The essence of adjusting the spine is to allow the improvement of movements in the vertebral column or joint(s).

Motion Palpation 

Chiropractors use this method of massage to normalize spinal mobility. Just like the toggle drop technique, it is a hand-on method of adjustment, involving professional movement of hands or motion palpation to determine the adequate movement of vertebrae.

Release Work 

This chiropractic technique involves the use of fingers to realign the vertebrae. The chiropractor carries out this measure by massaging with the tip of fingers in a way that separates the affected column of vertebrae.

Lumbar Roll

Lumbar Roll adjustment for spinal subluxation

This is only slightly different from motion and toggle drop massages. This adjustment involves a more straightforward thrust to ensure proper alignment of the vertebra.

The chiropractor applies gentle motions to tackle the painful spots that have caused the vertebrae to shift away from its normal position. As soon as the vertebrae move back to their original position, the patient will feel relief in that area.

Table Adjustments

This technique is used by a chiropractor to apply thrust in order to relieve pain caused by a poorly aligned spine. The patient will be provided a drop-piece table to lay upon. The chiropractor will then apply a massage at the time at which the table drops.

The essence of table dropping is to pave the way for a more moderate adjustment without having to use any straining approach, which is then normally accompanied by other spinal manipulations.

Manipulations Through The Use Of Instruments

Using instruments to adjust the spinal column is often more gentle than applying motions with the hands or even the fingertips. It is also more relaxing as the patient is made to lie on the massage table face down. Then, the chiropractor obtains a massaging instrument to begin the spinal work on the back.

One of the best instruments is the string activator, which the chiropractor uses to carry out an adequate spinal adjustment. 

Twilight Sedation

This type of spinal adjustment is done after the patient has been given a dose of anesthesia. Only a professional chiropractor should carry out this adjustment technique. 


Chiropractic care is all about fixing pains. A spinal subluxation can be treated through several chiropractic care options. Schedule an appointment to see a chiropractor at Champion Wellness Centers of Valrico, FL, by calling 813-409-3304.