Have you ever felt a band of pressure around your forehead, particularly when your stress level gets raised? If so, you may be suffering from a tension headache. Such headaches are among the most prevalent types of headaches and can occur in anyone of any age. Tension headaches can last anywhere from 30 minutes to a week.

Increased neck muscle tension and reduced spine joint motion can contribute to tension headaches. The best way to reduce tension headache symptoms may be through lifestyle modifications and chiropractic care. Here are some easy strategies or tips from an expert chiropractor to lessen and avoid headaches…

#1 Provide relaxation to your muscles

#1 Provide relaxation to your muscles

Find a way to lessen the stress in your muscles because they are linked to tension headaches. Attempt to massage your muscles gently or seek out a massage specialist. Maybe try releasing those annoying knots with a tennis ball! A warm compress or bath could also be beneficial.

#2 Make an effort to stand straight and maintain good posture

#2 Make an effort to stand straight and maintain good posture

Paying attention to your posture all day can significantly reduce muscle strain.

The strain on the muscles in your neck and upper back can be significantly increased by thrusting your head forward or looking down, combined with drooping shoulders.

Schedule periodic posture breaks into your day. Your head, shoulders, hips and ankles should all be in a straight line when you stand.

Put your legs shoulder-width apart and take a rest by sitting at the end of your chair.

Draw your shoulder blades back and down while spreading your arms out to the sides.

Bring your chin back slowly, and hold it straight for at least ten seconds.

#3 Get regular exercise

A fantastic approach to reducing stress is to exercise. Endorphins, your body’s natural stress reliever, are released more frequently when you exercise, which can assist to lessen muscle tension.

Additionally, exercise can lessen both the severity and frequency of tension headaches. Exercise is a fantastic way to take your frustrations and turn them into motivation!

#4 Maintain a headache diary or journal

You can find out if there are any probable triggers by keeping a diary of your day when a headache first appears. What happened just before the headache developed? Maybe it was a stressful event that could have been avoided. Even tracking the days you are headache-free can help you notice factors that may contribute to a good day.

#5 Visit a chiropractor

Before starting treatment, a chiropractor will do a comprehensive history and examination to determine whether it is safe to proceed or whether a physician referral is required.

A chiropractor will use the best sort of treatment for you if it is appropriate for you to receive it.

Chiropractic adjustment is a common form of treatment. A spinal adjustment can assist enhance mobility and reduce muscle tension by restoring motion to restricted spinal joints. Additionally, chiropractors will offer suggestions and counsel on what you can do at home to lessen and prevent headaches.

#6 Biofeedback

Although it necessitates particular training, this relaxing method can help patients avoid chronic tension headaches. An electrode is applied to your skin by a therapist to monitor electrical impulses coming from your neck and shoulder muscles. Biofeedback may help get rid of tension headaches.


Dealing with tension headaches? They can really ruin a good day… But chiropractic care can help you manage your headaches and get pain relief. Why not start chiropractic care? Call 813-409-3304 to schedule an appointment at Champion Wellness Centers of Valrico.