Next time you’re out in public, take a look around at the people nearby. Notice how many of them are looking down at their smartphones. If you’re in a waiting room, virtually everyone is “checking their phone.” When a person looks at a phone, they’re usually moving their head forward and downward, and this is causing neck pain!

There’s a name for this. “Tech neck” is the name, and it’s a big problem. After all, most of society is living their lives on screens. It seems like we’re almost always looking at a screen, whether it’s a TV, iPad, desktop, laptop, smartphone or other device. And a lot of us sit for long periods of time, especially at desks, with awkward posture that puts pressure on certain body parts in a bad way.

Those with tech neck also have shoulder pain. They experience stiffness and soreness. How about you? Do you experience pain in your neck and shoulders? You might have the condition known as tech neck and not even realize it until you’re reading this article.

Do you spend 6 hours a day with digital media? If so, you’re like the average American. Besides neck spasms and achy shoulder joints, do you also get headaches? All that “looking down” is forcing muscles at the back of your neck to contract in order to hold your head up. Those muscles are tired out! They’re sore. This sort of thing puts pressure on your discs, which can result in pinched nerves.

So what can you do? Get up from a seated position every 20 minutes and move your body. Walk around a little to improve blood circulation. Meanwhile, your neck will be in a different position while walking around… and then when you do sit down, make sure you’re using a chair that offers good lumbar support. Carve out time to exercise during the week, which is good for you in so many ways.

Those experiencing tech neck would definitely benefit from visiting a chiropractor. In the Tampa region, why not make an appointment with Champion Wellness Centers at 4341 Lynx Paw Trail? Meet with a chiropractor who can help you deal with your neck pain. Chiropractic is safe and effective. Chiropractors manually adjust the spine and such in order to realign the body so its systems work well. Please call 813-409-3304 to make an appointment or for more information. You can also use the online contact form, here: