How’s your breathing lately? If your airways get inflamed and narrow, it can be hard to breathe. When this happens, you might have asthma, which is a long-term disease of the lungs.

If you are asthmatic, you might have a very hard time breathing, which makes it hard to do everyday activities, such as exercise, school, work and/or even simple things like talking with people.

About 25 million Americans deal with asthma. Do you or someone you know have it?

Having an airway blockage is no fun. Muscles tighten, making it harder for air to pass. Meanwhile, there’s inflammation of the bronchial tubes in your lungs. And people with asthma are increasingly sensitive to “triggers” that bother their airways. What are some things that can bother people with asthma? Triggers include tobacco smoke, dust mites, pets, mold, cleaning/disinfectant sprays, outdoor air pollution and pests like cockroaches and mice.

From coughing to wheezing, asthmatics can experience shortness of breath, a tight pain in their chests, and/or trouble sleeping. As you can imagine, it’s not easy to live with asthma.

Some people experience an asthma attack. This is when the lining of a person’s airway becomes swollen or inflamed. When this happens, the cells lining the airway produce more mucus than usual, and it’s thicker, too. No wonder, then, that people have a hard time breathing!

Most people with asthma carry an inhaler (aka a bronchodilator) to help them breathe, especially if they’re experiencing an asthma attack. Using this device helps them breathe.

Do you or someone you know experience asthma and want to lessen the problem or get rid of it all together? Did you know chiropractic care can help relieve asthma? A person’s respiratory system is linked to spinal health. By getting spinal adjustments at the chiropractor’s office, a person can decrease their breathing difficulties. So, visiting the chiropractor can ultimately help improve asthma. In some cases, people visiting the chiropractor regularly have been able to get rid of their asthma all together.

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