Adults over the age of 45 might experience radiculopathy. It is a dysfunction of the nerve, and it causes surging pain in the individuals affected by it. Since it is a nerve problem, it causes poor mobility or lack of it. Rather than opting for medical surgery, a chiropractor can help you overcome this difficulty through chiropractic adjustments. 

What is Radiculopathy?

Radiculopathy paining area

Before getting to know if chiropractic care will be an easy solution to treating radiculopathy, you should have a clear understanding of this condition. Radiculopathy is derived from the word radicular, which is a problem of the spinal nerves.

Most doctors use radicular as a term to describe to patients that they have a condition in the nerves of their spines. The doctors try their best not to get the patient frightened on hearing about such a condition. Medically, radiculopathy is a widely used term and medical practitioners use the term to describe to their patients that they have several symptoms due to the pain or disorder happening in the spine.

Many diagnoses are a result of compression or nerve stimulation and are often referred to as “pinched nerve.” The conditions of radiculopathy are frequently accompanied by chronic pain in many areas of the body.

Some common symptoms of radiculopathy may include general weakness of the body, lack of mobility, numbness and chronic joint and muscle pain. If your doctor diagnoses you with a radicular problem, it means you have various symptoms relating to a specific condition that has already been identified.

Why Chiropractic Care Is The Best Alternative To Other Treatment Methods

The difference between chiropractic care and other medical approaches is that medically the treatment seems to be conservative or based on temporary relief. Chiropractic care can provide total wellness while taking oral medications can only offer short-lived relief.

Also, opting for surgery can be a prolonged measure for treating radiculopathy. This is due to consistent injections in the spine until the symptoms subside. Sometimes, after several injections, the pain still lingers. However, in extreme cases, medical surgery could be an option that patients may want to consider. 

Life can seem unbearable if you have a chronic cervical radiculopathy condition. There may be many treatment options suggested by your doctor that may get you confused. However, you can opt for surgery, even though chiropractic care can also be helpful.

Ultimately, chiropractic care is the most straightforward approach. It is the easiest treatment measure that produces the fastest and most effective result. Chiropractic care deals with nerve and muscle-related problems, and radiculopathy occurs as a result of malfunctions in the nerve roots.

Chiropractic Care For Treating Radiculopathy Problems

Chiropractor Treating Radiculopathy Problems

Many individuals with radiculopathy conditions do not even know that chiropractic care can be helpful so they sometimes decide on getting surgery if they are no longer able to bear the symptoms or they opt to manage the problem with oral medications to relieve pain.

You already know that chiropractic care can be applied to all difficulties occurring in the joints, muscles, spine and nervous system. No matter how chronic, it can be easy for a chiropractor to apply a few therapies that can solve many conditions.

Since radiculopathy is a problem related to the nervous system, chiropractors can help you treat it through spinal manipulation or adjustment, which is a general chiropractic technique characterized by massage. Even though this may be done more often through physiological actions like hands-on massages, the use of instruments can also be applied.

The chiropractic adjustment is carried out on the spinal joints, loosening tight muscles and improving body movements. Even with the various techniques that can be applied to relieve spinal pain, the chiropractor focuses on specifically adjusting the nerve root.

The moment you are set for this therapy, you will no longer need other medications to support the treatment. The results may be gradual, but after consistent visits to the chiropractor, you will begin to experience effective results. When tensions begin to loosen in the joints, flexibility becomes possible and it works hand-in-hand with general health and relaxation of the mind.

If you are challenged with radiculopathy symptoms, the first concern is how you can get back your stability and motion, as the condition normally weakens the spinal joints. Your chiropractor can help you recover through recommended home routine exercises, as well as advice on sitting and standing postures. If you listen to your chiropractor, you will recover quickly.

Also, if radiculopathy causes problems in the spinal disc, it can be difficult for an individual to carry out various daily activities since there’s dysfunction of the nerve root.

To deal with problems in the spinal disc, chiropractic care should be considered. An adjustment can make way for the nerve to be corrected and helps the body to respond to flexibility, healing itself and increasing inner wellness.

Chiropractic care, supported with other natural treatments like meditation and yoga, can help ensure quick recovery. 


Whether local pain, referred pain or radicular pain, chiropractic care can eliminate radiculopathy conditions. The pain indeed radiates into the joints, muscles, nerves and spinal areas of the body to cause pain and even stop movement in the most severe cases; Simple chiropractic care offers an effective and lasting solution for the pain. No matter the cause of your radiculopathy, visit Champion Wellness Centers of Valrico, Florida, for a consultation. Call 813-409-3304 to schedule an appointment.