Your posture while lying down, standing and/or sitting is a big deal! If you’ve got poor posture, it can badly affect your health. Have you ever considered seeing a chiropractor in order to improve your posture? Chiropractic care can definitely help improve it.

What Are Chiropractic Adjustments?

 Chiropractic Adjustments for bad posture .

A chiropractic adjustment involves delicate procedures applied by hand or the use of advanced equipment to control some significant regions of the muscles and joints of the body. The essence of spinal adjustment is to manage the nerve disruptions that can often cause a series of discomforts in individuals.

With adequate spinal adjustment techniques, the body can be reinstated to its natural ability thereby causing permanent healing in the affected spinal areas. Many chiropractic centers can provide spinal adjustments to help improve your health without suggesting other medical alternatives, such as taking oral pain relief medications. When comparing pain relief medications and chiropractic care, the former will only bring temporary relief.

Can Chiropractors Help With Posture Improvement?

Yes, a chiropractor can help improve your posture. If you have bad posture, it simply means a part of your body shows noticeable imbalance– for example, if one side of your shoulder is more elevated than the other, after a long period, the spine in that region will be negatively affected. However, this error can be corrected by chiropractic therapy. There are several chiropractic methods that a chiropractor can perform on you to adjust the spine and, in turn, improve your posture. Also, many postural problems can be treated by chiropractors, and they include the following…

  • Unusual curvature in the low back, mid-back and neck
  • Hip or pelvis un-leveling
  • Abnormal lateral spinal curvature (scoliosis)
  • Forward head positioning
  • Kyphosis (hunchback)

Also, chiropractors carry out several tests during postural examinations of their patients. These tests evaluate the following…

  • Thorough postural case history
  • Muscle length and quality
  • Spinal arrangement
  • Sitting and walking position
  • Observable variation from the right body posture
  • Muscle and nervous system disorder(s)
  • Flexibility, scope and portability

Having good posture improves the neutral spine, prevents injury and back pain and boosts self-confidence. Having good posture can protect your internal organs, keep them healthy and prevent you from early signs of aging.

How can a chiropractor help you with your posture?

1. The Chiropractor Ask Questions

The first thing your chiropractor will do before evaluating your postural problem is ask you a few questions about your current situation. He or she wants to be able to assess your lifestyle and posture. The chiropractor will also find out about the severity of your posture problem; Your chiropractor will probably ask you questions about your exercise routines, daily lifestyle, activities at work and areas that are affected and uncomfortable.

2. Posture Examination

After a series of questions, a chiropractic physician will further assess your posture problem. This is carried out to ensure that the problem is properly identified from its foundation. Once your posture problem has been figured out, your chiropractor will check out your standing posture from the side and back. Then, he or she will take note of the noticeable observations like hunched back, unequal shoulders, twisted pelvis, arched back and other corresponding problems.

3. Chiropractic Adjustment(s)

Chiropractic Adjustment for alignment.

The chiropractor administers spinal adjustments. He or she normally applies gentle massages with maximum comfort. The massage is enjoyable and relaxing. Typically, a chiropractor starts by massaging the shoulders and gradually moves all around the other joints to help you regain your flexibility and posture. This joint movement helps in lessening tension, relaxing the entire body, enhancing flexibility and treating the posture issue.

4. Tissue Work

Even though most of the work that will be done is related to the spine, to help you maintain the right posture it is also very crucial to pay attention to weakened, injured or underused muscles since they can cause other muscles to become tensed or tightened. When this happens, it drags the shoulder or spinal region into a poor position, which means you have an unhealthy posture. A chiropractor can help you get back your proper posture by applying strengthening exercise therapy to loosen the muscle(s) and correct or heal the disharmony in soft tissue(s).

5. Stretching And Rehabilitation

Through chiropractic adjustment, consistent rehabilitation and proper exercise, you can achieve a healthy posture. Your chiropractor will want to increase spinal strength and/or build weak muscles through stretches, deliberate exercises and muscle relaxing rehabilitation. Your chiropractor also ensures that your hyperactive muscles gain full recovery. While the tension in your muscles begins to loosen through stretches, weak muscles get stronger making it possible for you to recover your posture.


Your posture is important when you wish to maintain good health. When you have issues related to unhealthy body posture, it can affect you emotionally, physically and mentally. It will be challenging for you to treat posture issues on your own, which is why you need a chiropractor to take you on the journey. No matter the history of your poor posture, a chiropractor can handle it and help you feel healthy again. So, if you are facing any posture problems, call Champion Wellness Centers of Valrico at 813-409-3304 and schedule an appointment.